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Tsuboki face massage

Japanese Tsuboki face massage is a combination of “Anma techniques” (the original, traditional Japanese massage), which means rubbing, and also Acupressure techniques, which concentrate on “tsubos", which are specific acupressure points on the face.

With this massage we improve the appearance of the face by working both the surface and the deep musculature, as well as the skin. 

There are twelve main meridians (or energy pathways) running through the body and eight run through the face. By working on 8 of the 12 meridians in the body, we are balancing the health of the whole person.

All tsubos are located along the meridians. When we work on tsubos on a particular meridian, we can influence the flow of energy through the whole meridian (in the entire body). This is why receiving a face massage is like experiencing and feeling a full body massage.

An imbalance of Ki (life energy), can be easily seen in the appearance of the face. If we help the energy to become more balanced and flowing, the face will naturally appear more radiant and young. 

Moreover massaging these acupressure points improves the condition of the skin, diminishing wrinkles and improving muscle tone. Stimulating the tsubos activates facial nerves, thus increasing the flow of Ki, and blood to the face - a natural (and very pleasant to receive!) facelift :)

60 Minutes € 70

Vouchers available

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