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Thai Yoga Massage
in Yoga Studio Wittenau, Berlin

Yoga Cottage

Alt-Wittenau, 62
13437 Berlin

The Yoga Cottage is a small and cosy yoga studio close to the village church in Alt-Wittenau. With a well-trained team of yoga teachers, yoga classes are offered in small groups.
Yoga classes are offered for (almost) all levels and (almost) all ages at different times. From activating Morning Flow classes, relaxing Moonlight classes, back focus classes to classes for pregnant women.
A large number of the classes are subsidized as preventive measures by public health insurances under certain circumstances. 

Usually there are good and free parking facilities nearby.



How to reach the studio by public transport:  

  • U8 Rathaus Reinickendorf von dort 5 minute walk from there

  • S1 / S26 Wittenau von dort 15 minute walk from there

  • Bus 120, 220, M21 Oranienburger Str./Alt-Wittenau 15 minute walk from there

  • Bus 122, 124, 221, 322 Wittenau Kirche 5 minute walk from there